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SpaceJCU Population genetics of Barramundi (Lates calcarifer)
This site is the location for storing population genetic data (microsatellite genotypes) from the tropical finfish Lates calcarifer (barramundi). All genoptyes have been generated at James Cook University within the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture and the School of Marine and Tropical Biology as part of a broader study on the vulnerability of barramundi to climate change in Australia funded by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF). We currently have 1254 multi-locus genotypes (16 microsatellite loci) obtained from barramundi sampled between 1988 and 2011 from 45 locations spread from Broome in Western Australia across tropical northern Australia and down to the Mary River in south-east Queensland.
SpaceJCU Program in Critical Theory
Critical Theory JCU, thinking in dark times
SpaceLab stuff etc - AAC Cairns
SpaceMarianne's Space
Marianne's space for things she wants to keep in the cloud.
Space Octet StreamMarine Life
SpaceMediaflux Wranglers
Mediaflux Wranglers is a site aimed at users trying to use Arcitecta's Mediaflux product.
Space SIS packageMelioidosis - A Century of Observation and Research
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SpaceMitchell River Project
QCIF is supporting the development of a pilot smart water monitoring site in Far North Queensland (Mitchell Basin). The networks will be made up of a heterogeneous collection of sensors from different vendors, bound by a common middleware (SAL). This network will allow simultaneous near real-time monitoring of important water stores (vegetation, soil moisture, ground and surface water), rainfall and surface water quality. Remote sensors, wireless communication, database storage and the latest data analysis techniques will all be deployed. Such a monitoring network will become the first experimental deployment in a major water catchment in the Australian tropics.
SpaceNQ Regional Creativity and Innovation
The research cluster on North Queensland Regional Creativity and Innovation consists of 13 researchers from across the social sciences, urban and regional planning, agriculture and food security, IT, psychology and public health, humanities, and the creative arts, who are employing an experimental methodology centred on co-creation of both research questions and research outputs. In the first instance, this collective of JCU researchers will investigate North Queensland creativity and innovation ecosystems as they pertain to issues such as co-creating regional futures, food production and consumption, and the landscapes/built environments that the region should aspire too.
Space AIFF/Amiga/Mac audioNQAIF Collaborative Webspace
A platform for sharing information and files among NQAIF members