Melusine Martin’s PhD research focuses on nature perceptions in the digital age. She is currently working on a film documenting her fieldwork and research process throughout her PhD. The film will serve two main objectives. The first one will be to share how millennials relate to the natural world and how the use of technology improves and/or prevents resulting feelings of connectedness, wellbeing and belonging. The second objective will be to understand the importance of visual images in analysing our representations of nature in the digital age. In this respect, filming will be a relevant tool in the context of a digital media analysis (including social online media, Internet, daily use of mobile phones, tablets, etc.) as using a camera and then screening the resulting documentary will reflect back to our own addiction to technology. The film aims to provide a new idea of nature based on a critic of western culture characterized by the human/nature dualism and to examine the nature-deficit disorder and its direct impact on our wellbeing. Melusine Martin has also directed a short-film about her research, entitled Nature, which was selected for the scientific Short-Film Festival ‘Les Chercheurs Font Leur Cinéma’ and screened at the Cité de la Science in Paris (November 2016). She is a Postgraduate Research Fellow at The Cairns Institute. The short film:

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