Katarzyna (Kasia) I. Wojtylak (PhD James Cook University) is a Post-doctoral Research at Language and Culture Research Centre (LCRC). Since 2010, she has been working with the Murui people, a Witotoan indigenous group from Northwest Amazonia, focusing on various aspects of their language and culture (such as literature, language contact, and social organization). Throughout her fieldwork of nine months between 2013 and 2016, Kasia collected numerous audio-visual materials with an intention to create a documentary film about the everyday life of the Murui. This Project was founded by the Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research, USA. Together with the co-editor of the film, Kristian T. Lupinski, in 2016, she completed the final version the short documentary ‘Murui Filmmakers’ (available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJT68R4QUw0). In 2017, she collaborated on the full feature ethnographic film ‘Our Words - A documentary of the Murui of Tercera India’ (filmed and edited by Kristian Lupinski). Kasia has a strong background in linguistic description, language documentation, and ethnographic research. Contact: katarzyna.wojtylak@jcu.edu.au

Murui Oral Literature (Witotoan, Colombia)
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