RDSI has provided some limited funding to QCIF to explore the application of Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud to research. QCIF would like to invite our members to nominate one or two projects to participate in these trials.

Candidate projects

We are looking for a small number of projects (3-5) to conduct the trial. Preferably the projects should exercise a mixture of AWS compute, storage, and data movement features as well as QRIScloud features (such as sending raw data to AWS storage service, using AWS compute service to process/analysis, and sending result dataset back to QRIScloud for ReDS storage, etc.). It would be useful to find projects that involve moving a reasonable amount of data (1 to 100 TB) to AWS, at least temporarily.

We would like to select projects, use-cases and scenarios from researchers of different disciplines. As we need researchers’ support for this exercise, we don’t want to over-emphasis the trial aspect of it, so these projects need to bring substantial benefits to researchers to make it all worthwhile. 

We would like to complete the program within a few months, so that projects require long term access to AWS may not be suitable.


Please nominate candidate projects by sending me a proposal (separate for each project) including: a brief description of the science and the purpose of the project, description of the computational/storage use case, key features of the workflow, sizing information (compute, storage and quantity of data movement, etc) to help us with costings, when researchers are able to start and want to complete, the level of IT expertise and technical support in their team.

We will evaluate the proposals based on:

  • The diversity of computational scenarios and use cases for QCIF to evaluate AWS and the integration with QRIScloud.
  • The size and cost of projects (both individual projects and the aggregated cost of projects).
  • Other practicalities such as the complexity of the project environment (e.g., legal, ethical security requirements on data), level of support, timing, etc.

Selected projects will be provided an allocation on AWS, and an allocation of technical support in interacting with AWS. QCIF will provide some limited supervision and monitor progress.

We would like to have selected projects selection by the end of June and to start these project by 1st July. We have to complete all these projects in Q3.

Project Selection

A group has been set up to  examine received proposals and make decisions to select the appropriate projects from this list and implement them with AWS. The group will need to interact with researchers/technical supports for more information and more description if required. Each selected project will need to provide a QCIF standard project plan.

Further Information

For further information please contact Graham Chen (email: