AWS Accounts

Once your project has been approved you will be provisioned with a set of user credential to access a QCIF owned AWS account. These credentials will be provided in a password encrypted zip file that contains:

  • Your user name, password and a link to where you can login to the AWS account
  • An access key id and secret key for using the AWS APIs 

When you login to your account using the supplied user name, password and web link, you will be asked reset your password.

QCIF monitoring these accounts and will tap you on the shoulder periodically to see how you are going.

Initially, we would suggest prototyping using micro instances until you are sure you know what you are doing. 
Once you are ready to start using larger instances, please contact us have a talk about your plan to run your project.   At this point, if you need any limits (e.g. access to large instance sizes) unblocked by Amazon we can arrange it. If you go over 80% of the budget we will need to sit down and have a talk about your next steps.

Recommended Resources

AWS provides an extensive support, including:

Getting Help

If you need any help please contact Andrew Goodchild (email: