The HPRC storage consists of disk and tape storage. Storage is available on

  • /home- approximately 90TB of disk backed by 600TB of Tape storage
    • This area is suitable for people who will be making use of large amounts of storage and/or the HPRC compute resources
  • /shares- approximately 24TB of disk backed up nightly
    • This area is suitable for people who primarily are using the HPRC as a file repository to hold a second copy of their data.
    • In this case, the researcher would primarily be accessing their area as a file-share.
      Note: It is expected that people with space in this area would be using less then 1TB of storage for their data.
    • For researchers based in Cairns that need good access speeds for Windows file shares there is a special server. Please contact your ITR support staff for more information/assistance.


Student Accounts

All HDR students have an account on HPRC created automatically on /shares when they start.

If you are expecting that you will be collecting large amounts of data (>1TB) or if you are going to be using compute facilities as well as storage, please submit an IT Helpdesk request to get your HPRC account moved to /home


Staff Accounts

Staff can apply for an account via a web form - accounts will be created on /home or /sharesdepending on stated intended usage of the account.

It is also possible to get a shared space created for groups that need to share data amongst the team. If this sounds like something you would like, please contact the eResearch Centre to discuss.