JCU's research data repository

 Tropical Data Hub

The Tropical Data Hub is JCU’s central research data repository and discovery service. It provides you with all of your data management needs and a safe place to store your data. The Tropical Data Hub is a metadata repository which makes a record of your data and promotes your research through Research Data Australia and the World Wide Web.

The dataset record consists of descriptive metadata, which is information about your dataset that makes it easy for people to find and reuse later. Metadata is information that describes an object and its context. Data without metadata is like a tin can with no label. For digital datasets, metadata include such things as dataset title, keywords, sample location and date, the dataset’s digital format and access permissions.

Research Data repository

To add your data to the Tropical Data Hub, first you need to create your data record in Research Data (http://research.jcu.edu.au/researchdata/dashboard). You can find help documentation for this site at http://tdh-research-data-user-guide.readthedocs.org/.