Managing your research data will help the research community as a whole to better make use of its intellectual capital, better aligning with the institutional and funding body policies and codes. See the JCU Act 1997 and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

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PhD and Research Masters Students

There are two main checkpoints during your candidature where you have to address data management issues: Confirmation of Candidature and Thesis Submission.

Confirmation of Candidature

At this point, your supervisor needs to be able to tick the yes box for the following check point:

Has the candidate attended a Data Management Workshop and completed a Data Management Plan?
Confirmation of Candidature Assessment Report Form, Section 3

The data management workshops are a compulsory part of the Graduate Research School's Research Skills Program - to find out more see the GRS Professional Development Program Handbook which can be found at,-training-and-events.

Data management plan templates are available as either a word document or an online form - see Data Plans for links to these.

Thesis Submission

When submitting your thesis for examination, the GRS provides a checklist that need to be completed and submitted at this time - see,-submission-and-examination under "Thesis Submission" for a copy of this checklist.

Item 3 on this check list addresses data storage:

Original data should be retained in the School in which they were generated. Data should be held for as long as readers of the thesis or publications might reasonably expect to be able to raise questions that require reference to it. This should be at least five years. Where it is impossible or impracticable to hold data, a written indication of the location of the data, or key information regarding its location (e.g. the way in which it was called up from a limited access database) must be kept in the School. Refer: Research Data: Storage & Management at JCU.

☐ Appropriate arrangements have been made for the storage of my data.

In practical terms, a catalogue record for your research data needs to be created in the JCU Research Data site. This record details what the data is, why/how it was collected, who was involved in the creation of the data and where it is stored. For electronic data, it is recommended that a copy of the data is stored in the Tropical Data Hub. For physical items, you will need to talk to your supervisor about your School's storage facilities.