Tools for creating data plans, management projects and creating metadata records, as well as links to tutorials and online courses related to skills a data scientist might need.

Data Plans

A data management plan is a document that describes what data will be created, what policies will apply to the data, who will own and have access to the data, what data management practices will be used, what facilities and equipment will be required, and who will be responsible for each of these activities. Your data management plan should be a living document that you add to and refine as you move through your project.

Metadata records

So you have organised your research data into datasets and want to advertise them to the world...

Data Management Training

Resources relating to research data management - for those that want to know more.

Version Control

Version control systems allow you to keep track of changes you have made to your data files in an efficient manner. You can think of it as a better backup.

Software tutorials

Links to online tutorials on useful things such as: how to use unix based systems (like the HPRC), introduction to programming, data science, getting more out of your spreadsheets etc.