The instructions below are for adding documents, files and pages to our web site. For more specific instructions see: or email


1. Click the login link at the top right of the page and enter your JCU login details


2. Navigate to where you would like to place the content

3. Click the Add New button on the menu bar

add a page










4. Click Page

Note: An Event adds something to the calendar, a File is something you upload from your computer like a PowerPoint or a Word doc, Folders are holders for content, Images can be most common types of pictures, a Link is to another web site and a Page is a document you type on the web site.














5. Each page must have a title. Summary is optional. The Body Text is the content that will appear on the page.

6. When you have finished, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


7. The final step, change the state of the page from Private (meaning only logged in people can view it) to Publish.