Welcome! Here you will find the data files related to the dugong tracking project in Eastern Queensland.

Dugong tracking in Eastern Queensland is a collaborative project between James Cook University (Helene Marsh) and the University of Queensland (Janet Lanyon). Four dugongs were satellite tagged in May/June 2011, spatial representation of their movements can be found at  http://www.seaturtle.org/tracking/index.shtml?tag_id=43650.  All tags deployed were retrieved by August 2011. This was a collaborative effort by JCU, DERM and Janet Lanyon and her team.  Here you will find 2 files, the PTT_GPSdata and the TDR Rawdata. 

These files are not to be shared or distributed without consent of the principal investigators of this project (Helene Marsh and Janet Lanyon).

This data is intended to be used by/ for:

  •  Rie Hagihara and the JCU team – to investigate the relationship between dugong’s diving behavior and environmental parameters.
  •  Janet Lanyon and UQ team – to explore dugong movement in relation to their reproductive stage
  •  Col Limpus – to investigate dugong behavior after floods.

 If you have any trouble opening or accessing these files please don’t hesitate to contact Mariana Fuentes.


 Dr. Mariana Fuentes,  Room 112, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University, Townsville, QLD 4811 Australia

Mariana.fuentes@jcu.edu.au, Phone: +61 07 4781 5270, Fax: + 61 07 4781 6722, Mobile: + 61 0411645986, Skype: marianafuentes2