Learn about the creation and maintenance of HPC accounts

Researchers (staff or student) may request creation of a HPC account for their research activities by filling out and submitting the appropriate form (links below).  It is a condition of receiving an account that a project description with at least 150 words be received with this application.  Descriptions should include a summary of the entire project - not just the specific application of HPC within the project.  All publications resulting from your use of JCU's HPC facilities must acknowledge the provision of HPC resources by JCU.  In addition, copies of publications resulting from your use of JCU's HPC facilities must be lodged with the HPC Supervisor.

Student applicants are required to have their supervisor, lecturer, or somebody of suitable standing authorise their HPC account request.  Before submitting the application you should inform the authorising person that they will be contacted by HPC staff to approve your request.  If authorisation is not received by ITR within 7 days of our receipt of this application, it will be considered entirely void.

Potential users of HPC facilities at JCU should visit one of the links below to start the process of obtaining an account for their research activities.

Existing HPC users may find the information in the following link(s) useful.