What happens after you leave JCU?

Sometime before leaving JCU you should consider moving your Email, research work, etc. to a place that you will be able to use longer-term.  JCU extends accounts beyond your employment/candidature expiration, but this extension isn't permanent.  Any data that you have on HPRC facilities will survive alot longer (up to 7 years, usually) as the account removal process is done manually at present.  You can of course manually copy your data to whatever storage resources you have access to - but you should think about the following:

  • The amount of HPC disk space you are using.
  • The internet bandwidth available to you (how long the transfer will take).
  • The media you are transferring data to (you might need thousands of CDs/DVDs).
  • The JCU HPC unit uses tapes for long-term storage research data - an FTP session will probably timeout before larger files are available for transfer.  Talk to HPRC staff before starting any bulk file transfers.