Removing the Boundaries is a series of evening events hosted by the newly established JCU North Queensland Regional Creativity and Innovation research cluster designed to bring together civic leaders, professionals, researchers, educationalists, industry and community groups, and individual members of the public, interested in participating in the co-creation of our city’s and region’s futures. 

Removing the Boundaries

Panel discussion and Community Forum 

A series of panel discussions and community forums hosted by the new NQ Regional Creativity and Innovation research group


Wednesday 26 October

Co-creating Townsville

Building, Landscaping and Infrastructure:


how should Townsville and NQ design?



Bernadette Boscacci, Mundy Creek Natureway Regeneration Project
Alan Carpenter, Discovery Rise
Tania Dennis, Inside Out Architects
Hywel Jones, Hywel Jones Landscape Architects


MC: A/Prof. Lisa Law, JCU


Heritage Exchange Rum Garden Bar

Wednesday nights, held monthly August - October

5.30 – 7.00 pm

Light refreshments included

All welcome

RSVP: Jonathan.Kuttainen @