Based partly on 15 years of fieldwork, this repository represents our efforts to organise a biodiversity database to support fine-resolution conservation planning in the Paranã River Basin, in Brazil. This region was previously classified as data-deficient for biodiversity, although it is considered by the Brazilian government and several international conservation organisations as a centre of endemism and one of the main priority areas for conservation within a global biodiversity hotspot, the Cerrado biome. Our database includes novel information on biodiversity, derived from intensive surveys of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, termites, drosophilids, and saturnids. The database also includes records from exhaustive searching in museums, herbaria, literature, and online databases. We standardised taxonomic names and data formats compiled from diverse and disparate sources and applied an innovative method to automate the identification of duplicate records to produce the best-possible database to support conservation actions by stakeholders, conservationists, and the scientific community.

The Paranã River Basin