The SEMAT Deception Bay Project

A small trial deployment location of SEMAT.


Welcome to the Deception Bay Space of SEMAT. The (SEMAT) project is an international collaboration between UQ, JCU and Torino Wireless, Politechnic di Milan and the Danish Hydraulics Group Australia. Its aim is to build cost effective, sustainable, scalable, and usable marine sensor networks, by inovating where necessary and cherry picking existing solutions when available.

Project Goals

Technical problems exist in both the hardware and software domains and include things like the optimisation of power/routing/redundancy, power supplies, two-way intelligent sensors, the long term storage and availability of data, and the end user's experience with using and managing the network and generated data. With this in mind the sensor network is expected to be "Play and Play", that is new components inserted into the network are auto-discovered and have a sane default configuration simplifying management and allowing immediate data flow. To accomplish these goal the SEMAT project will draw on the expertise provide by its national and international partners. These include UQ, JCU, Politecnio di Milano (Italy), Politecniodi Torino (Italy), the Torino Foundation (Italy), QCIF, and the Danish Hydraulics Institute (Australia).

This Space

All the pages on the Space are under version control and it is quite easy to move items around so we can always reorganise later.  Don't be afraid to experiment!

The eResearch Spaces are still being tested (we're one of the guinea pigs but our data is quite safe) and we are still working out how best to use them.  Feedback is greatly appreciated and can be sent to...

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