Interested in undertaking an MPhil or PhD in archaeology?


Applications for JCU Research Scholarships for 2021 can now be submitted here


We’ve listed some potential topics below, but we are interested in discussing a range of topics with prospective applicants:


• Exploring the relationships between archaeology, heritage and community in northeast Thailand (talk with )


• Maritime archaeology of Queensland shipwrecks (talk with )


• Experimental application of silicon isotopes to provenancing archaeological materials (talk with )


• Palaeopathology in prehistoric Southeast Asia (talk with )


• Exploring the materiality and cosmology of Indigenous seascapes in northeastern Australia (talk with )


• Exploring ancient Southeast Asian communities through a bioarchaeological approach (talk with ).


• Exploring hydroclimate and fishing practices using stable isotope studies of Great Barrier Reef archaeological faunal remains (talk with )


• Predictive modelling of obsidian raw material source locations in Island Southeast Asia (talk with )


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Information on PhD entry requirements, application procedures and scholarships is available on the JCU Graduate Research School website.


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