Schedule of TARL seminars, workshops and one-off events.


Semester 2, 2017 Seminar Series Schedule

Fridays, 4-5pm
Cairns: B001-107
Townsville: 004-006

NB: Events that are not part of the Friday TARL Seminar Series are in italics.

28 July 2017 TBA TBA
2 August 2017 Michael Bird

Getting into Print in the Sciences

[NB: 12pm-2pm, Room D3-063 (CNS) / 145-030 (TSV)]

2 August 2017 Sean Ulm

Getting into Print in the Humanities and Social Sciences

[NB: 2pm-4pm, Room D3-063 (CNS) / 145-030 (TSV)]

4 August 2017 TBA TBA
11 August 2017 TBA TBA
18 August 2017 TBA TBA
25 August 2017 TBA TBA
1 September 2017 TBA TBA
15 September 2017 TBA TBA
20 September 2017 Peter Veth TESS Seminar: TBA [NB: 4-5pm, Room D3.054 (CNS) with a live video link to Townsville ATSIP Theatre 145.030]
22 September 2017 Jo McDonald Murujuga: Dynamics of the Dreaming
29 September 2017 TBA TBA
6 October 2017 TBA TBA
13 October 2017 TBA [NB: This week only TARL is in CNS A001-129 - TSV 004-006 as usual]
20 October 2017 TBA TBA
27 October 2017 TBA TBA


Semester 1, 2017 Seminar Series Schedule

Fridays, 3-4pm
Cairns: B001-107
Townsville: Week 1: 009-001; Week 2 onwards: ATSIP room 145-030

NB: Events that are not part of the Friday TARL Seminar Series are in italics.

10 February 2017 Shimona Kealey

Views from Shores Past: Palaeogeographic Reconstructions as an Aid for Interpreting the Movement of Early Modern Humans on and Between the Islands of Wallacea

[NB: 3pm, Room B1-107 (CNS), TBA (TSV)

24 February 2017 Tahnee Innes

PhD CONFIRMATION SEMINAR: Curating Country: Storied Artefacts and Aboriginal Collecting

[NB: 2-3pm, Room A4.002 (CNS) / 4-006 (TNS)] 

24 February 2017 Maddy Fowler "Maritime" Archaeology at Point Pearce Aboriginal Mission/Burgiyana
28 February 2017 Texas Nagel

PhD CONFIRMATION SEMINAR: Engineered Land and Seascapes: Using UAVs and Photogrammetry to Investigate Kaiadilt Aboriginal Stone-Walled Intertidal Fish Traps in the South Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria

[NB: 10-11am, Room D3.003 (CNS) / 134-105 (TNS)] 

3 March 2017 Sam Aird
Lightning Strikes and Green Ant Nests: 5 Months Searching for Archaeological Sites in the Remote Lizard Island Group, Great Barrier Reef
10 March 2017 Redbird Ferguson and Christian Reepmeyer A Tonga Fieldwork Update
17 March 2017 Nigel Chang and friends

Do I have to start getting interested in these damn pottery sherds....?

21 March Sam Aird

PhD CONFIRMATION SEMINAR: Long-Term Aboriginal Marine Resource Use on the Great Barrier Reef: An Archaeozoological Approach to Characterising Impacts

[NB: 10-11am, Room D3.063 (CNS) / 134-102 (TNS)] 

24 March 2017 Emma Rehn Fire and Environmental Change in Northern Australia during the Late Holocene
7 April 2017 Paul Dirks and Eric Roberts [Title update] Difficulties and pitfalls of dating hominin fossils in caves
21 April 2017 Nick Roberts

Bridging the Divide in Heritage: Cultural Heritage Management at the Sepon Gold and Copper Mine, Lao PDR.

28 April 2017 Robin Torrence 'Excavating' Ethnographic Collections to Reconstruct Indigenous Perspectives on Colonialism
5 May 2017 Texas Nagel

Stones in the Sea: Using UAVs and Photogrammetry to Investigate Kaiadilt Aboriginal Stone-Walled Intertidal Fish Traps in the South Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria

12 May 2017 Michael Bird A Geologist's View of Human Dispersal Routes to Sahul
19 May 2017 Anna Willis An Osteobiography of an Individual from the Bronze Age Site of Nyaung’gan, Myanmar
26 May 2017 Cailey Maclaurin Magic Molluscs: Illuminating Mollusc Pigment Patterning Using Ultraviolet Fluorescence 


Semester 2, 2016 Seminar Series Schedule

Fridays, 2-3pm
Cairns: A21-002
Townsville: 009-002

NB: Events that are not part of the Friday TARL Seminar Series are in italics.

12 July 2016 Robin Twaddle PhD PRE-COMPLETION SEMINAR: A Novel Application of Sclerochronology and Scleroisotope Analysis: Forging New Understandings of Aboriginal Occupation in the South Wellesley Archipelago, Gulf of Carpentaria [NB: 9:30am-10:30am, Room A21-002 (CNS) / 009-001 (TNS)]
29 July 2016 Lynley Wallis Investigating the Painted Rock Art of the Central Pilbara
5 August 2016 Christa Placzek An Update on Archaeological and Palaeoenvironmental Research on Barrow Island, Northwest Australia
10 August 2016 Gordon Stenhouse PhD PRE-COMPLETION SEMINAR: Zooarchaeological Analysis of Animal Resources in the Upper Mun River Valley, Northeast Thailand: A Shift from Wild to Domestic [NB: 2-3pm, Room A21-002 (CNS) / 145-030 (TNS)]
10 August 2016 Jim O'Connell TESS Seminar: The Restaurant Revisited: More on Modeling the Human Colonization of Pleistocene Sahul [NB: 4-5pm, Room A3.2 (CNS) with a live video link to the Townsville Audiovisual Services Room 002 (9-002)]
12 August 2016 Christian Reepmeyer The Potential of QEMSCAN and GEOBIA (Object Based Image Analysis) for the Identification of Temper Grains in Ceramics
19 August 2016 Matthew Felgate

Studying Change through Time AD1400-AD1720, at  Tamaki, Auckland, NZ: Radiocarbon Calibration, or why Never to believe an Archaeologist

26 August 2016 Redbird Ferguson An AINSE Winter School Experience
2 September 2016 Collin Storlie How the eResearch Centre and Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation can Power-Up Archaeological Research
9 September Rainer Grün Direct Dating of Human Fossills [NB: 1-2pm, Room 145-030 (TVS) / A21.001 (CNS)]
9 September 2016 Nikki Winn Boundaries, Connections and Cultural Heritage Management Challenges: The Rock Art of the Chillagoe-Mungana Limestone Belt, North Queensland
16 September 2016 Texas Nagel Engineered Land and Seascapes: Using UAVs and Photogrammetry to Investigate Kaiadilt Aboriginal Stone-Walled Intertidal Fish traps in the South Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria
21 September 2016 Mike Rowland TESS Seminar: Confessions of an 'Environmental Determinist' (sic) [NB: 4-5pm, Room A3.2 (CNS) with a live video link to the Townsville Audiovisual Services Room 002 (9-002)]
23 September 2016 Mike Rowland 'Crows', Swimming Logs and Auditory Exostoses: Aboriginal Occupation of the Keppel Islands, Central Queensland Coast
5 October 2016 Alan Williams TESS Seminar: Population and Mobility of Prehistoric Australia – Developing a Regional Framework for Archaeological and Palaeo-Climatic Correlations [NB: 4-5pm, Room A3.2 (CNS) with a live video link to the Townsville Audiovisual Services Room 002 (9-002)]
6 October 2016 Sean Ulm Inaugural Professorial Lecture: The Deep History of Sea Country: Colonisation, Submerged Landscapes and the Archaeology of Australia's Coasts [NB: 6-8pm, Pullman Cairns International]
14 October 2016 Karen Joyce Trials and Tribulations of using Drones and Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring
21 October 2016 Nigel Chang and Friends Updates on JCU Archaeology in Laos: Two and a Half Projects
26 October 2016 Selene Kenady PhD PRE-COMPLETION SEMINAR: Geophysical Explorations of Archaeological Shell Matrix Sites: Evaluating Geophysical Techniques in Determining the Boundaries, Structure and Volume of Buried Shell Deposits [NB: 1-2pm, Room D3-003 (CNS) / 134-105 (TNS)]
28 October 2016 Theodora Moutsiou The Obsidian Evidence for the Scale of Social Life during the Palaeolithic
10 November 2016 Alice Buhrich PhD PRE-COMPLETION SEMINAR: Art and Identity: Aboriginal Rock Art and Dendroglyphs of Queensland's Wet Tropics [NB: 10-11am, Room A21-002 (CNS) / 9-001 (TNS)]
14 November 2016 Jonathan Walz An Archaeology of Africa-Indian Ocean Entanglement Inland of the Swahili Coast, Tanzania, c.AD 750-1350 [NB: 3-4pm, Room A21.002 (CNS) / 009.001 (TNS)]


Semester 1, 2016 Seminar Series Schedule

Fridays, 2-3pm (*NB: CHANGE OF TIME THIS YEAR*)
Cairns: A21-002
Townsville: 009-002

26 February 2016 Michelle Richards Understanding the Distribution and Popularity of Pacific 'Greenstone' Adzes
2 March 2016 Helene Peck PhD PRE-COMPLETION SEMINAR: The Application of Ecological Models and Trophic Analyses to Archaeological Marine Fauna Assemblages: Towards Improved Understandings of Prehistoric Marine Fisheries and Ecosystems in Tropical Australia [NB: Room A21-001 (CNS) / 009-001 (TNS)
4 March 2016 Luke Godwin and Ian McNiven Strands of Connection: Darumbal Native Title and the Management of Marine Resources
11 March 2016 Clair Davey An Examination of the Lithic Assemblages of Dhaba, India (78-22kya): Evidence for Lithic Continuity in Pre- and Post-Toba Environments
18 March 2016 Galiina (Kal) Ellwood Aboriginal Miner-Prospectors: Continuity, Choice and Technology Transfer in North Queensland Mining Provinces
1 April 2016 Geoff Clark Human Colonisation of Oceanic Islands in Prehistory: A Trans-Oceanic Analysis
8 April 2016 Emilie Dotte 'From the Pilbara to Tahiti with a Microscope (and a Saw)': Developing Anthracology in Oceania: Recent Projects Conducted in Australia and the Pacific
15 April 2016 Noelene Cole National Heritage Listing of Quinkan Rock Art: An Archaeological Perspective
29 April 2016 James Moloney GIS and Remote Sensing in Archaeology and Resource Management in Northeast Thailand
6 May 2016 Michael Westaway Human Evolution in Sunda and Sahul
12 May 2016 Catherine Livingston PhD CONFIRMATION SEMINAR: Who were the People of Prehistoric Vilabouly? Exploring Origins and Relationships through Archaeometallurgy [NB: Room 004-006 (TVS) / B1-107 (CNS)
13 May 2016 Greg Siepen and Alice Buhrich Professional Workshop on Aboriginal Scarred Trees: Significance, Conservation and Management of Veteran Eucalypts in the Landscape (All Day Event)
20 May 2016 Jan Wegner

Mining Remains in Queensland, 1870s-1920s: What's the Story?

27 May 2016 Michael Bird Humans, Megafauna and Environmental Change in Tropical Australia
30 June 2016 Puangtip Kerdsap PhD PRE-COMPLETION SEMINAR: Everyday Life in Prehistoric Thailand: What can the Spindle Whorls tell us? [NB: Room B1-031 (CNS) / 009-001 (TNS)


Semester 2, 2015 Seminar Series Schedule

Fridays, 3-4pm
Cairns: B1.107
Townsville: Education Central, Room 102

31 July 2015 Sean Ulm Naïve Island Landscapes: Recent Research in the South Wellesley Archipelago, Southern Gulf of Carpentaria
7 August 2015 Belinda Duke Applying Social Memory in the Interpretations of Social and Environmental Change at the Mound Site Ban Non Wat, Northeast Thailand
14 August 2015 Åsa Ferrier Journeys into the Rainforest: Archaeology, Ethnography and Palaeoecology on the Atherton/Evelyn Tableland, Far North Queensland
21 August 2015 Geraldine Mate & Sean Ulm Professional Archaeology as a Shifting Mosaic: Results of the 2015 Australian Archaeology in Profile Survey
28 August 2015 Christian Reepmeyer The Talasiu site on Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga: Investigating the Ancestral Polynesian Society
4 September 2015 Robin Twaddle Using Polymesoda coaxans for Radiocarbon Dating and as an Environmental Proxy in Tropical Northern Australia
11 September 2015 Sam Aird & Redbird Ferguson Reflecting on Attending the 8th International Lapita Conference, Port Vila, Vanuatu: A Pathway to Analysing the Arapus Shellfish Assemblage and Community Engagement
18 September 2015 Nigel Chang New Research in Thailand and Lao
25 September 2015 Lucy Pedersen Evidence for Conflict in Prehistoric Southeast Asia: A Life of Conflict or Peace?
9 October 2015 Gordon Grimwade Battlegrounds of the Southern Torres Strait: Archaeology and Conservation
16 October 2015 Anna Kreij High Resolution UAS Photogrammetry of Indigenous Stone-Walled Tidal Fishtraps in Northern Australia – Behind the Scenes
23 October Paul Dirks Discovering Homo naledi
30 October 2015 René Vellanoweth

Integrating Technology, Economy, Exchange, and Religion: Understanding Native American Sites on the California Channel Islands


Semester 1, 2015 Seminar Series Schedule

Fridays, 3-4pm
Cairns: A21.002*
Townsville: Audio Visual Services room 001 (9-001)*

* Room changes for special events noted below.

27 February 2015 Sean Ulm Introduction to TARL
6 March 2015 Nigel Chang Archaeology on the 'Plain of Jars', Lao PDR: New Sites, New Sources of Support and New Opportunities for JCU Students
13 March 2015 Sean Ulm Naïve Island Landscapes: Recent Research in the South Wellesley Archipelago, Southern Gulf of Carpentaria
20 March 2015 Alison Fitzpatrick Stone Arrangements in the Lizard Island Group: Results from a Study of Indigenous Seascapes in Northeastern Australia
27 March 2015 Marianne Clarkson The Ceramics from Hervey Range: An Assessment of Gentility
10 April 2015 Shelley Greer 'Sense & Sensibility': Heritage in the Australian Tropics
17 April 2015 Kate Cameron Through the Looking Glass: Unlocking the Secrets of an Ancient Mining Society through Ceramic Studies
24 April 2015 Kate Domett A Synthesis of Bioarchaeological Research in Cambodia: Regional Significance
8 May 2015 Clair Davey Technological Changes during the Pleistocene in South Asia
15 May 2015 Cassandra Rowe Weipa's Water and Woodlands: A Palaeoenvironmental History of Big Willum Swamp
22 May 2015 Paul Dirks Hominin Distribution and the Evolving Landscape in Southern Africa
23 May 2015 Clair Davey Workshop: Advanced Stone Artefact Analysis Workshop * Room A4.204
27 May 2015 Christian Reepmeyer TESS Seminar: Climate Change in the Abandonment of Islands: Understanding Human Responses and Population Dynamics in Palau, Micronesia * A3.2 (Cairns) / 9-002 (Townsville)
29 May 2015 Christian Reepmeyer An Update on Island Southeast Asian and Pacific Archaeology: Current Projects and Perspectives
30 May 2015 Selene Kenady Workshop: Excavating and Constructing a Geophysical Test Plot at JCU Cairns