Completed research theses by students affiliated with TARL and supervised by TARL staff and adjuncts.


Galiina Ellwood (PhD, James Cook University) A Shared History Forgotten: Aboriginal Miners and Prospectors of Tropical Queensland, from Pre-Contact Times - c.1970

Nicholas Roberts (PhD, James Cook University) Bridging the Divide in Heritage? Managing Caves as Heritage Places within the Sepon Gold & Copper Mine, Lao PDR

Sarah Slater (MSocSci, James Cook University) Novel Shell Site Expressions: Archaeological Mud Shell (Geloina expansa) on Kaiadilt Country, South Wellesley Islands



Tanya Drury (Honours, James Cook University) Geochemical and Technological Approaches to Understanding the Manufacture and Distribution of Silcrete Artefacts in the South Wellesley Archipelago, Gulf of Carpentaria

Tim Russell (Honours, James Cook University) Submarine Squatters on the North Queensland Coast: An Archaeological Study of Commercial Dugong Fisheries Utilising a Seascape Approach 



Sandra Boswell (MSocSci, James Cook University) Laos Decorated Terracotta Pottery from Lan Xang Period: What Can the Decorative Symbols Tell Us?

Alice Buhrich (PhD, James Cook University) Art and Identity: Aboriginal Rock Art and Dendroglyphs of Queensland’s Wet Tropics [Awarded Award for Excellence]

Sarah Collins (Honours, James Cook University) Scratched Surfaces: Dialogic Remains of Tangible and Ephemeral European Inscription across the Palimpsest Landscape of Sweers Island

Graeme Cotter (Honours, James Cook University) Trampling Pots and Shells: Understanding the Impacts of Trampling on Cultural Materials in Coastal Archaeological Sites

Holly Gill 2017 The Organic Technologies of Vilabouly: A Study on Prehistoric Basketry in an Upland Mining Community, Laos, Southeast Asia. Honours thesis, James Cook University.

Peter Griffin (Honours, James Cook University) How was Copper being Smelted at the Vilabouly Complex in Prehistory?

Selene Kenady (PhD, James Cook University) Geophysical Explorations of Archaeological Shell Matrix Sites: Evaluating Geophysical Techniques in Determining the Boundaries, Structure and Volume of Buried Shell Deposits

Samuel Lansdown 2016 The Significance of Xieng Khouang Province during the Laotian Lan Xang Period (1354-1707 CE): An Excavation at Wat Ban Vieng. Honours thesis, James Cook University.

Lucille Pedersen (MPhil, James Cook University) Trauma and Conflict in Prehistoric Southeast Asia: A Life of War or Peace?

Owen Ray (Honours, James Cook University) The Mining Cultural Landscape of Zillmanton Mine, Far North Queensland: A Mine-Scape Explored

Gordon Stenhouse (PhD, James Cook University) Zooarchaeological analysis of animal resources in the Upper Mun River Valley, Northeast Thailand



Morgan Disspain (PhD, University of Adelaide) Unique Palaeoenvironmental Records? An Examination of Applications and the Reliability of Fish Otoliths in Archaeological Investigations [2016 University Doctoral Research Medal]

Belinda Duke (MPhil, James Cook University) Reflected in the Soil: Site Formation Processes as an Index of Social and Environmental Change at the Site of Ban Non Wat,NE Thailand

Anna Kreij (MSocSci, James Cook University) A Spatial Analytical Approach to Indigenous Fishtraps: Using High-Resolution UAS Photogrammetry and GIS in the Investigation of Kaiadilt Aboriginal Stone-Walled Intertidal Fishtraps, Gulf of Carpentaria [Awarded Richard Brookdale Scholarship] [Awarded AACAI Student Support Fund Award] [Awarded the Tropical Archaeology Research Laboratory Prize] [Awarded the Academic Medal]

Helene Peck (PhD, James Cook University) The Application of Ecological Models and Trophic Analyses to Archaeological Marine Fauna Assemblages: Towards Improved Understandings of Prehistoric Marine Fisheries and Ecosystems in Tropical Australia

Robin Twaddle (PhD, James Cook University) A Novel Application of Sclerochronology: Forging New Understandings of Aboriginal Occupation in the South Wellesley Archipelago, Gulf of Carpentaria [Awarded Award for Excellence]

Markus Zuercher (MSocSci, James Cook University) Lost But Not Forgotten: The Application of Multidisciplinary Methods for Locating Unmarked Graves at Pentland (QLD) Cemetery



Marianne Clarkson (PhD, James Cook University) The Road to Townsville's Early Success: The Engendered Cultural Landscape of Hervey Range and the Community 'at its foot'

Caitlin Evans (PhD, James Cook University) Sites, Survey, and Ceramics: A GIS-Based Approach to Modelling Ancient Settlement Patterns in The Upper Mun River Valley, Northeast Thailand

Alison Fitzpatrick (Honours, James Cook University) Stone Arrangements in the Lizard Island Group: A Study of Indigenous Seascapes in Northeastern Australia [Awarded the Tropical Archaeology Research Laboratory Prize]

Sue Nugent (PhD, The University of Queensland) Sticks and Stones: A Functional Analysis of Aboriginal Spears from Northern Australia

Sutton, Mary-Jean (PhD, The University of Queensland) Remembering the Mother Mission: Exploring Trauma, Cultural Heritage Values and Identity at Mapoon, a Former Mission Village in Western Cape York, Queensland

Karen Thornton (Honours, James Cook University) Gender and Agency: Organising Principles when Investigating Objects in the Archaeological Record

Lauren Whiteford (Honours, James Cook University) Contextualised Case Studies of Individuals from Prei Khmeng: Life and Society Change in Northwest Cambodia



Samantha Aird (Honours, James Cook University) Assessing Mid-to-Late Holocene Predation of Conomurex luhuanus and Tectus niloticus at Lizard Island, Northeastern Australia [Awarded Richard Brookdale Scholarship] [Awarded the Tropical Archaeology Research Laboratory Prize]

Helen Cekalovic (PhD, James Cook University) Health and Society in Southeast Asia: The Transition from the Late Bronze Age to Iron Age

John Edgar (PhD, 2014) "A place not very much better then Hades": Archaeological Landscapes of the Cape River Gold Field, North Queensland

Felise Goldfinch (Honours, James Cook University) Of Bananas and !Shields: Rock Art in the Townsville Region

Emily Holt (Honours, James Cook University) The Climate and Depositional Setting of Australopithecus sediba at Malapa, South Africa

Ashlee Litfin (Honours, James Cook University) A Minero-Petrographic Study to source the Manufacture and Distribution of Stone Bangles found at Ban Non Wat, Thailand

Catherine Livingston (Honours, James Cook University) Who were the people of ancient Vilabouly? Exploring origins and relationships through the study of Ge

Jennifer Newton (PhD, James Cook University) Health, Diet and Migration Prior to the Establishment of the Pre-Angkorian Civilisation of Southeast Asia

Emma Rehn (Honours, James Cook University) An Analysis of the Risk Hypothesis and its Application to Hunter-Gatherer Toolkits Using an Australian Dataset

Samuel Ward (Honours, James Cook University) Hidden Landscape: The search for Chinatown in Townsville



Katherine Cameron (Honours, James Cook University) Periphery to Centre: Social and Cultural Change over Time at Ban Non Wat, Northeast Thailand

Denise Carrington-Smith (PhD, James Cook University) The Origin and Selection of Evolutionary Knowledge: The Descent and Ascent of Ideas

Catherine Hays (Honours, James Cook University) Exchange of Items or Ideas? Current Implications of the Torres Strait Pottery

Texas Nagel (Honours, James Cook University) Using Foraminifera to Refine Understandings of Archaeological Site Formation Processes: A Case Study from Thundiy, Bentinck Island, Southern Gulf of Carpentaria [Awarded Ironbark Heritage/AACAI Student Support Fund Award] [Awarded Association for Environmental Archaeology John Evans Undergraduate Dissertation Prize] [Awarded the Tropical Archaeology Research Laboratory Prize]

Annette Oertle (Honours, James Cook University) Connections across the Sea: Characterising Macassan Activities in the South Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria

Grace Tipping (Honours, James Cook University) Communities and Archaeology in a Postcolonial World



Cameo Dalley (PhD, The University of Queensland) An Ethnoarchaeological Investigation of the Social Factors Shaping the Marine Subsistence Strategies of Lardil and Kaiadilt Aboriginal People of the Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria

Jane Hinton (Honours, University of Queensland) Using Archaeological Shell Assemblages for Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction: Preliminary Isotope Analysis of Polymesoda (Geloina) coaxans (Gmelin, 1791) from Bentinck Island, Gulf of Carpentaria [Awarded The Blue Mountains Honours Prize in Archaeology]

Stephen Nichols (PhD, The University of Queensland) Public or Perish: An Ethnographic Study of Archaeology in a Southeast Queensland Community

Daniel Rosendahl (PhD, The University of Queensland) The Way it Changes Like the Shoreline and the Sea: The Archaeology of the Sandalwood River, Mornington Island, Southeast Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia

Brent Taylor (Honours, James Cook University) Memorialisation of War: Ban Dong Soen, Savannakhet Region, Laos: Vietnam Battle Site Museum

Antonino Tucci (Honours, James Cook University) Uncovering an Ancient Occupation: A Study of Social Organisation at the Khanong Iron Age Copper Mining Site Located at Sepon, Laos



Luke Keogh (PhD, The University of Queensland) The Storied Landscape: A Queensland Collection

Andrew Munro (PhD, James Cook University) The Astronomical Context of the Archaeology and Architecture of the Chacoan Culture

Karen Murphy (PhD, The University of Queensland) Domesticity and Industrialism at Mill Point

Owen Powell (PhD, The University of Queensland) Warrego Country: Water, People, Landscape

Camille Tanner (Honours, James Cook University) Defining Archaeological Correlates for Social Complexity: Three Sites in Thailand



Lansdown, S. 2016 The Significance of Xieng Khouang Province during the Laotian Lan Xang Period (1354-1707 CE): An Excavation at Wat Ban Vieng. Honours thesis, James Cook University.