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2nd Australian Tertiary Geoscience Teaching Workshop - January 16-17th, 2013

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Welcome to my research web pages, which try to explain why I am fascinated by deformation processes in the Earth at all scales, and their relation to the formation of hydrothermal mineral deposits. I am particularly interested fracturing, fluid flow, Breccias and Brecciation Mechanisms, and the application of kinematic and dynamic fault slip analyses to mineral deposits and tectonic problems. Fractal geometry is key concept in several of these studies. Recently I have also been interested in Tectonics, Plumes and Landscape Development.. I am currently working in rocks ranging from Archean to Tertiary in age, and in parts of Australia, Southern Africa, Brazil and Papua New Guinea.

See the Honours Projects page for current projects.

A synopsis of my teaching philosophy and practice can be viewed in the Teaching Portfolio.

See Publications in ResearchOnline@JCU for most publications

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Dr. Tom G. Blenkinsop
Professor, Structural and Economic Geology

Visit: Room 34-153, Townsville campus: click on link for a map http://www.jcu.edu.au/maps/townsville/interactive/
Call: (+61) 7 4781 4318
Fax: (+61) 7 4781 4020
Email: Thomas.Blenkinsop@jcu.edu.au

B.A. (Hons) Geology, (Oxford University, UK)
M.Sc. Structural Geology & Rock Mechanics, (London University, UK )
Ph.D. Structural Geology (Keele University, UK )