Honours Projects for 2013

Here are a variety of exciting honours projects involving exploration, structural, and economic geology. If you have your own ideas for projects, you are welcome to discuss them.

Genesis of the Currawong (VHMS) deposit, Benambra, Victoria.

The Currawong deposit is a volcanic hosted massive sulphide (VHMS) deposit, located ~250km north-east of Melbourne, near the township of Benambra, north-eastern Victoria. Mineralisation consists of 5 separate massive sulphide lenses, with a combined 2011 resource estimate of 9.4mt at 2% Cu, 4.2% Zn, 0.8% Pb, 42g/t Ag and 1.2 g/t Au (Independence Group NL, 2011). The deposit is currently being evaluated by Independence Group NL, forming part of the ‘Stockman Project’. The deposit has a complex structural geology. The aim of this study is to evaluate alternative models for the structural control on the ore bodies, on the basis of core logging, structural analysis, geophysical interpretation and 3D modeling.

IOCG Exploration Targets in the Eastern Fold belt of the Mt Isa Inlier.

Several new or recently discovered Iron Oxide Copper Gold targets in the Eastern Fold belt of the Mt Isa inlier are currently of considerable economic interest.  Two honours projects to involve a combination of mapping, structural analysis, and mineralization and alteration studies on outcrop and drillcore are offered, supported by Xstrata.

Mapping and Mineralization in the Albany Fraser belt, W. A.

The Albany Fraser belt is one of Australia’s least well known orogenic belts. New age dates from the Geological Survey WA (GSWA) are suggesting a much more complex and interesting history than ever suspected. Up to two projects will involve mapping in remote and beautiful desert areas (the areas north and east of Tropicana, especially around MacKay Creek and Pleiades Lakes), possibly combined with drill core analysis from local exploration programs. The projects will be fully supported logistically by GSWA.

Understanding mineralization at Australia’s second largest gold deposit: Sunrise Dam Gold mine, WA.

SEES has been involved for several years in a research program at Sunrise Dam gold mine in Archean rocks of the Laverton greenstone belt, Yilgarn craton. The size of the resource has grown significantly every year, requiring continuously improving models for the mineralization and structural controls. This project will involve underground mapping, drill core analysis, structural analysis, petrography, and resource evaluation.