This site will host an eclectic variety of software which is written  in visual basic and chipmunk basic to do things that other software does not.

Projects in development include:

1. A Moving Average Rose Diagram (in collaboration with Mark Munro) Download the paper here, and the software here

2. A program for visualising field structural measurements in Virtual Globes

Visualising Structural Geology: from Excel to Google Earth is now in press in Computers and Geosciences, doi: doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2012.03.007
You can download it here

The software can be downloaded here

3. A Fryplot program

4. Slip and Dilation tendency calculations

5. Programs for manipulating structural measurements from orientated core.

Most of these are working in a rudimentary fashion, but need polishing up. If you are interested in beta version, contact me.