The Southern African landscape has played a key role in understanding landscape development, starting with the ideas of Du Toitt and then Lester King on scarp retreat. In this project, we are attempting to understand the  evolution of the southern Africa landscape on the continental scale from the Mesozoic onwards, when Gondwanaland was breaking up. We are using a variety of lines of evidence, including drainage evolution, theoretical understanding of continental lithosphere flexure, igneous petrology, emplacement of kimberlites and related rocks, and the stratigraphic record. The role of plumes has  been invoked to explain several aspects of Southern African tectonics, from Archean greenstones, to kimberlites and flood basalts and the development of drainage systems. We find that plumes offer a satisfactory explanation for basaltic volcanism and drainage development at the time of Gondwana break-up, but they fail to explain alkaline volcanism or current topography.

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