When Jul 16, 2012 09:00 AM to
Jul 21, 2012 02:00 PM
Where A4 202; A4 222 (Thursday 19 July)
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Contact Phone 07-4042 1117
Attendees Everyone is welcome
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Monday 16 July 2012 in Building A4, Room 202

Morning session          Chair: R. M. W. Dixon

9.00        Dr Stephen Weller (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University Services) will officially                   open the International Workshop, and also launch two new books:

               • Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, Languages of the Amazon, Oxford University Press.

               • R. M. W. Dixon. Basic Linguistic Theory, Vol 3, Further Grammatical Topics.                         Oxford University Press.

9.10        Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (LCRC, JCU) — The grammar of knowledge: A                              cross-linguistic view of  evidentials and the expression of information source

10.40         Coffee

11.10      Diana Forker (University of Bamberg) — Hinuq (Northeast Caucasian)

12.40         Lunch


Afternoon  session       Chair: Elena Mihas

2.00        Elena Skribnik and Olga Seesing (Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich) — Kalmyk      (Mongolic)

3.30           Coffee

4.00        Teija Greed (University of Helsinki and SIL) — Tatar (Turkic)

5.30           Finish       


Tuesday 17 July 2012 in Building A4, Room 202

Morning session          Chair: Sihong Zhang

9.00        Anne Storch and Jules Jacques Coly (University of Cologne) — Maaka (Chadic,                branch of Afroasiatic)

10.30         Coffee

11.00      Gerrit Dimmendaal (University of Cologne) — Tima (Katla group, Sudan)

12.30         Lunch                                                                                                                         PTO


Tuesday 17 July 2012 Afternoon  session     Chair: Rosita Henry

2.00        Borut Telban (Academy of Sciences of Slovenia) — Karawari (Lower Sepik                         family, Papua New Guinea)

3.30           Coffee

4.00        Mike Wood (LCRC, JCU) — Kamula (Papuan area)                                 

5.30           Finish


Wednesday 18 July 2012 — Free day


Thursday 19 July 2012 in Building A4, Room 222a                       Note: different room

Morning session          Chair: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald

9.00        R. M. W. Dixon (LCRC, JCU) — Dyirbal (Australian region)

10.30         Coffee

11.00      Elena Mihas (LCRC, JCU) — Ashéninka Perené (Arawak, Peru)

12.30         Lunch


Afternoon  session       Chair:Hannah Sarvasy

2.00        Simon Overall (La Trobe University) — Aguaruna (Jivaroan, Peru)

3.30           Coffee

4.00        Yongxian Luo (University of Melbourne) — Zhuang (Tai-Kadai, China)

5.30           Finish


Friday 20 July 2012 in Building A4, Room 202                            Note: revert to original room

Morning session          Chair: Dineke Schokkin

9.00        Gwen Hyslop (ANU) — Kurtöp (Tibeto-Burman, Bhutan)

10.30         Coffee

11.00.     Sihong Zhang (LCRC, JCU) — Ersu (Tibeto-Burman, China)

12.30         Lunch


Afternoon  session       Chair: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald

2.00        Chia-Jung Pan (LCRC, JCU) — Lha'alua (Austronesian, Taiwan)

3.30           Coffee

4.00        Group discussion

5.00           Finish


Saturday 21 July 2012 in Building A4, Room 202                                              Note: 9.30 start

Morning session only              Chair: R. M. W. Dixon

9.30        Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (LCRC, JCU) — What can we conclude?

11.00         Coffee

11.30      Group discussion and publication plans

1.00           Lunch

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