When Jun 20, 2012
from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Where A4 222a
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Wednesday 20 June, 4.p.m.


Round-table meeting


Dr Elena Mihas


Topics in the grammar of Asheninka Perené



Drawing on extensive fieldwork, this talk deals with nominal temporal morphology in Ashéninka Perené,  an Arawak language of the Peruvian Amazon. Specifically, it discusses semantic, morphosyntactic and functional properties of the Ashéninka Perené nominal temporal system. Ashéninka Perené exhibits independent (non-propositional) temporal marking expressed by a set of three forms, -ni ‘ceased existence’, -nta ‘ceased kinship or association relationship with a human referent’, and =ranki ‘temporal precedence’, ‘change of state’, and ‘absent in the speaker’s environment at the present moment’. The study has revealed that two temporal markers, -ni and =ranki, can be each used in the same clause to mark independent nominal and propositional verbal tense, aspect and mood markers.