Wednesday 25 July, A4 222

When Jul 25, 2012
from 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM
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The Papuan language Nungon, spoken by about 500 people in the Saruwaged Mountains, shows a number of broad features typical to Huon Peninsula languages as described by McElhanon (1973). Interesting parts of the language's grammar will be discussed, beginning with negative command strategies, an optional epistemic and/or evidential marker on verbs, and various nominalization processes. Finally, the position of the Remote Future tense in the language will be examined.

McElhanon, K.A. Towards a typology of the Finisterre-Huon languages, New Guinea: some grammatical comparisons of the Finisterre-Huon languages, New Guinea. Canberra: Linguistic Circle of Canberra, 1973.