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Tariana, the only Arawak language of the Vaupes River Basin
Tariana is an endangered Arawak language from North-west Amazon. It is spoken by c.70people in two villages on the Vaupes River, north-west Amazonia, Brazil. also see
Warekena of Xie
Warekena of Xie is a North Arawak language closely related to Baniva of Guainia and Yavitero.
Arawak languages
Selected languages of Tierra del Fuego
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Some pictures of north-west Amazonia and its wildlife
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Yuhupdeh is a language from the Makú (or Guaviare-Japurá) family in north-west Amazonia. This pages is maintained by Cácio Silva and by Elisângela Silva, experts on the Yuhupdeh language and culture.