Tariana is an endangered Arawak language from North-west Amazon. It is spoken by c.70people in two villages on the Vaupes River, north-west Amazonia, Brazil. also see http://www.aikhenvaldlinguistics.com/tariana-language

Tariana language and culture
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Some Tariana stories
The corpus of Tariana collected by Alexandra (Sacha) Aikhenvald, also known as Kumatharo, consists of over forty hours of recordings and over 1000 pages of stories told by speakers of all ages. Some stories are presented here.
A selection of papers on Tariana
This folder contains a selection of papers dealing with various topics in the Tariana language, by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald.
Listen to Tariana stories!
The grammar of Tariana
Tariana dictionary
Speakers of Tariana of Santa Rosa and Periquitos (Wamiarikune group)
About the Tariana language
Pedagogical materials in Tariana (a selection)
This folder contains a selection of materials in use by the Escola Indígena Tariana (Iauaretê, Amazonas, Brasil), under the current leadership of Rafael Brito.
Hommage to the late Ismael Brito
The late Ismael Brito (1950-2008) was one of the most knowledgeable experts in the Tariana language and culture, and an outstanding story teller The eldest son of Cândido Brito, Ismael (Maye) died tragically in an accident on the Vaupés River. His body has never been recovered.
Scenes from the Dabukuri festival, 10 May 2012
A Dabukuri (Traditional Offering Feast) was organized at the Tariana school Enu Irine Idakine on 10 May, as a finale to the Pedagogical Workshop organized by Rafael Brito, jovino Brito and Sacha Aikhenvald, and also to honour Sacha. She was offered luxurious gifts of fish and fruit which were eaten with great delight that same night. this folder contains pictures and some videos (taken by Rafael Brito) at the Festival.
Oficina Pedagogica 2012
Meeting with Tariana of Urubuquara, 11 May 2012
The Kumandene Tariana of Santa Terezinha
View of the Rio Negro, the Vaupes, and its tributaries