Warekena of Xie is a North Arawak language closely related to Baniva of Guainia and Yavitero.

File Octet StreamDicionario preliminar da lingua Warekena
FileAikhenvald, Amorim
Warekena of Xie: selected publications
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File Octet StreamCrianças abandonadas. Uma história na língua Warekena
Some Warekena stories
This folder contains some stories in Warekena of Xié with transcriptions and translations done jointly with the authors of the stories.
Songs in Warekena
These songs were recorded on 22 May 2012, as part of the oficina Pedagogica conducted by Sacha Aikhenvald and Eneida Santos (UFAM). The songs are mostly Christian in content. Transcriptions and the originals of song texts are attached. Group 7 (see Transcriptions) did not have a written version (instead, they dictated their version to Sacha).
Reclaiming the Warekena language
This folder contains images and materials from the Oficina Pedagogica (a Teaching Workshop) on Warekena of Xie which was organized, following speakers' request, by Sacha Aikhenvald and Eneida Santos, with crucial support from Ivani Faria (UFAM, Manaus) and Maximiliano, at FOIRN, Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira.