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 School of Arts and Social Sciences

James Cook University

Townsville QLD 4811



PhD, Anthropology, UWA (2005)

BA(Hons), History, UWA (1998)

Currently Teaching
Sex, Drugs and Human Nature

Myth And Ritual

Medical Anthropology

Asia Pacific Development: Culture and Globalisation

Introduction to Anthropology

Anthropology Honours Seminar

Research Interests
Ethnopharmacology of psychoactive plants

Psychological Anthropology


Systems Theory and Philosophy of Health

Venezuela and Latin America

Piaroa ethnic group

Selected Publications
Rodd, R. 2008. Reassessing the cultural and psychopharmacological significance of Banisteriopsis caapi: Preparation, classification and use among the Piaroa of southern Venezuela. Journal of psychoactive drugs.40(3):301-7 .

Rodd, R. 2006. Piaroa sorcery and the navigation of negative affect: To be aware, to turn away. Anthropology of consciousness. 17(1):35-64.

Rodd, R. 2003. Märipa: To know everything. The experience of power as knowledge derived from the integrative mode of consciousness. Anthropology of consciousness. 14(2):60-88.

Rodd, R. 2002. Märipa teui: A radical empiricist approach to Piaroa shamanic training and initiation. Antropológica 96:53-82.

Rodd, R. 2002. Snuff synergy: Preparation, use and pharmacology of yopo and Banisteriopsis caapi among the Piaroa of Southern Venezuela. Journal of psychoactive drugs 34(3):273-280.

Current Research Projects
Fly in Fly out Miners, Social and Community Relationships in North Queensland

Ayahuasca Use, Perceptions of Health and Immune System Functioning in Australia

Currently Supervising
Emma Scott (PhD)

Kiah Williams (PhD)

Regina Andreassen (PhD)