07/2010 - present   The Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Australia

                             Position: PhD student

                             Academic Area: Anthropological Linguistics

                            Thesis (in progress): A Grammar of Ersu

02/2007 – 2/2008   Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Linköpings University, Sweden

                            Programme: Master’s programme in Language & Culture (specialized in General Linguistics)

                            Degree awarded: Master of Arts

                            Thesis: How Can Corpora Solve English Vocabulary Teaching/Learning Problems Existing in China  

                                          (ECTS-GRADE A)

09/1991 –0 7/1995  School of Foreign Languages, Anhui Normal University, China

                             Specialty: English Education (in the field of English Language & Culture)

                             Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts

                             Thesis: On Henry James’ Linguistic Art – A Case Study on “The American” (Grade B)