March, 2012, principal investigator, papers "Adjectives in Ersu" and "Classifiers in Ersu" to be respectively presented at two international conferences, the 14th China International Conference on Contemporary Linguistics (Xi'an, Mainland China, May 10-13, 2012) and the 13the International Symposium on Chinese Language and Linguistics (Taipei, Taiwan, June 1-3), AU$2812, funded by the Graduate Research Scheme, Faculty of Arts, Education & Social Sciences, Jame Cook University, Australia

2011-2013, principal investigator, the collection of Ersu Shaba oral literature, US$7172, funded by The Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research, the USA

2010-2013, principal investigator, PhD project, "A Grammar of Ersu", AU$122,500, funded by JCU-IPRS scholarship, James Cook University, Australia

2010-2014, principal investigator, roles undertaken by teachers of English at universities of traditional Chinese medicine under the background of educational globalization in China, RMB30,000 (AU$4615.38), a key project funded by Anhui Provincial Education Department, China.

2009-2011, principal investigator, studies on university student’s English vocabulary learning autonomy driven by online corpus resources, RMB4,500 (AU$692.30), funded by Anhui Provincial Education Department), China

2000-2003, principal investigator, to establish a new mode of English teaching in Chinese TCM universities or colleges with the integration of students’ actual language competence and their knowledge of TCM, RMB6,500 (AU$1,000), funded by Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.

 2011-2013, second investigator , the building of an ESP corpus for TCM English and its applications in English teaching, RMB4,500 (AU$692.30), funded by Anhui Provincial Education Department, China

I also attended another 6 projects as a major participant.