.. what the Virtual Wranglers eSpace is, and how to contribute.


The aim of this eSpace is to be a Community managed documentation resource for people who (loosely speaking) run or use virtual machines on NeCTAR, and similar platforms at Australian Universities. The idea is to provide useful and accurate, well written guides on relevant topics such as:

  • The recommended way(s) to manage virtuals; e.g. setting up user accounts, backups, applying patches, managing system configuration information
  • Advice on how to select and implement common application-level service; e.g. web portals, wikis, data repositories.
  • Best practices; e.g. deciding how much or little you need to do to keep your virtual "ticking over", complying with "data management policies".

We expect that the notion of what is "relevant" will evolve, based on what people are prepared to contribute.

What this is not ...

  • It is not a "social media" site, or a discussion forum.  Other sites exists serve to fill this need.
  • It is not a Q&A forum or a support site for NeCTAR. The NeCTAR Cloud Support site exists to provide these things.
  • It is not an official publication of NeCTAR or any affiliated organizations.  Any views expressed here-in are personal views of the respective authors.


We welcome contributions in the form of useful content from anyone.  We haven't decided on a formal model for accepting contributions and moderating content, but our preference is for a light touch; i.e. minimal interference beyond deciding whether material is in-scope for the eSpace.

As a general rule, we plan to enable commenting on all pages ... and other things provided by the eSpaces platform (once we have figured them out!)

The nature of "espaces.edu.au" means that you need an AAF account to fully participate.  However, all published contributions are Public; i.e. visible to anyone, anywhere.  So please exercise due discretion, and consider other peoples' feelings, and your own reputation.  (And respect the eSpaces site's Terms of Service.)

If you want access to create content, please do the following:

  1. Login to eSpaces via AAF.  This will cause eSpaces to create an account for you.
  2. Email one of the people below, and we will grant your account the relevant permissions.


If you just want to provide feedback or report a problem, either login (using your AAF credentials) and add a comment, or email one of the contacts below.


  • Stephen Crawley - "s.crawley at uq.edu.au".