A collection of Chef Cookbook for NeCTAR virtuals.


  • What is it?  A collection of Chef Cookbooks, ready to add to your Berkshelf.
  • What is the scope? Configuration of tools and services to run on NeCTAR (and similar) virtuals.
  • Github URL: https://github.com/organizations/nectar-cookbooks
  • If you have feedback and bug reports, please use the respective cookbook's Github issue tracker. 
  • If you want to get involved, please email me (s.crawley at uq dot edu dot au).
  • If you intend to use / rely on a cookbook, please email me.
These cookbooks are under active development.  The aim is to support recent versions of the major Linux distro families available as images on the NeCTAR dashboard; i.e. Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora. 
  1. Cookbooks with a version number of 0.0.1 are "pre-alpha" quality.  Other version numbers less than 1.0 are "alpha" or "beta".
  2. Our testing methodology is "flakey", though we do aspire to only committing tested changes to "master" for production quality cookbooks.

Cookbook: "setup"

This omnibus cookbook does basic setup for a newly provisioned NeCTAR virtual.  Tasks include:

  • setting the timezone, locale and hostname,
  • configuring root email and mail forwarding,
  • creating privileged user accounts and configuring "/etc/sudoers",
  • enabling log watching,
  • enabling automatic security updates,
  • configuring virus scanning using ClamAV, and
  • installing Openstack clients and credentials.


  • The "default" recipe performs some or all of the above, depending on the node attributes and databags.  Refer to the cookbook documentation for details.
  • There are individual recipes for the setup tasks listed above.
  • The "mount_rdsi_collections" recipe configures "autofs" mounts for selected RDSI collections.  The collections need to be located at the QCIF node, and mounting needs to have been enabled by QCIF support; see the recipe documentation for details.  (This is currently QRIScloud specific, but I can address this ... if you send me a pull request!)

Cookbook: "chef-server"

This cookbook installs and configures a Chef Server instance.  There are important prerequisites for this cookbook.

Cookbook: "omero"

This cookbook has recipes to install and configure OMERO.server and OMERO.web together with a backend database and a front-end webserver.

Cookbook: "mediaflux"

This cookbook installs and configures a Arcitecta Mediaflux.  There are important prerequisites for this cookbook, including getting the download URL and a license key file from (in the first instance) Arcitecta.  The Mediaflux installation that you get is "bare bones".  Refer to the Arcitecta documentation for information on post-install configuration.

Cookbook: "daris"

This cookbook installs and configures the DaRIS portal into an existing Mediaflux instance, creates stores and initial users. (The cookbook requires a site-specific package to tailor the PSSD model.)

Cookbook: "mytardis"

This cookbook installs and configures a MyTardis instance, together with its supporting front-end webserver and back-end database. 


There are cookbooks for installing image processing software such as minc-toolkit and pvconv.pl.


This started out as a "chef-repo" containing recipes for configuring Mediaflux and DaRIS on a NeCTAR virtual.
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