Approach #1 - via the VagrantFile

According to some web resources, you can set the MAC address for a Vagrant virtual's network interface using the VagrantFile configs.

Caveat: I wasn't able to get this to work, with Vagrant 1.4.3 / VirtualBox 4.3.6 on Fedora 19, but it might just have been that I was doing this wrong.  (I was trying to set the MAC address on a "private-network" ...)

Approach #2 - via the VirtualBox GUI

Assuming that you are using VirtualBox as your virtualization platform, it is a simple matter to set or change the MAC address via the VirtualBox GUI.

  1. Launch the "VirtualBox' from the command line.
  2. If the virtual is running, shut it down to "Powered Off".
  3. Open the "Settings" dialog, and select the "Network" pane.
  4. Select the "Adapter" you want to change, and expand the "Advanced" settings.
  5. Either type in a new MAC address (12 hex digits) or click the little green "generate" button at the right.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart the virtual and run "ifconfig" (or equivalent) to check the MAC address.