Nimrod is a specialized form of workflow which manages the execution of large modeling experiments across distributed computers. Nimrod makes it easy for non-experts to specify very large experiments using a simple high level description language.

Parametric computational experiments are becoming increasingly important in science and engineering as a means of exploring the behavior of complex systems. For example, an engineer may explore the behaviour of a wing by running a computational model of the airfoil multiple times while varying key parameters such as angle of attack, air speed, etc. The results of these multiple experiments yield a picture of how the wing behaves in different parts of parametric space. Over the past several years, we have developed a specialized parametric modeling system called Nimrod. Nimrod uses a simple declarative parametric modeling language to express a parametric experiment and provides machinery that automates the task of formulating, running, monitoring, and collating the results from the multiple individual experiments. Equally important, Nimrod incorporates a distributed scheduling component that can manage the scheduling of individual experiments to idle computers in a local area network. Together, these features mean that even complex parametric experiments can be defined and run with little programmer effort. In many cases it is possible to establish a new experiment in minutes.

Nimrod/G provides two services: Parameter sweeps and grid/cloud execution tools including scheduling across multiple compute resources. A commercial version of Nimrod, called EnFuzion, is available for clusters from Axceleon 
Nimrod/O provides an optimisation framework for optimising a target output value of an application. Used with Nimrod/G, it can exploit parallelism in the search algorithm.
Nimrod/OI provides an interactive interface for Nimrod/O. In some applications, it might require someone to decide which output is better. Those results are fed back into Nimrod/O to produce more suggestions.
Nimrod/K provides all the Nimrod tools in a workflow engine called Kepler . Nimrod/K adds all the parameter tools and grid/cloud services to Kepler while leveraging and enhancing all the existing grid tools already provided by adding dynamic parallelism in workflows.
Nimrod/OK provides an optimisation framework in Kepler workflow engine.


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