A secure, ethical and efficient online collaborative project management tool for participant based research.

Quadrant is a service aimed at Australian researchers in Medical and Social Sciences fields whose projects involve interacting with human participants.
The following is taken from the Quadrant brochure:

Quadrant is a participant management and data collection software tool. Quadrant makes it easy for you to:

  • Streamline your research process - Track participants and project progress while storing your data in one central location.
  • Share with your team globally - Instantly collaborate across institutions, both domestically and internationally.
  • Ethics and funding requirements - Remove data and task duplication; manage your team members access within an auditable space.
  • Know your data is safe - Stored and backed-up on Australian servers, all your data is safe and immediately available.

Dedicate your time where it’s needed. Use Quadrant to remove the hassle of emails, spreadsheets, and file sharing tools to manage your research project