... short answer - No

NeCTAR VMs are not backed up

NeCTAR Instances are not backed up. It is simple as that.

The NeCTAR node operators won't intentionally trash your instances, but accidents can happen.  OpenStack failures, hardware failures and power outages happen too.

Taking backups that are commensurate with your requirements (and the value of your data) is your responsibility.

What are your options?


  • You can use an Instance Snapshot as a coarse-grained backup of an Instance's primary file system
  • You can use a Volume Snapshot as a coarse-grained backup of a Volume.
  • There are a variety of Linux tools for implementing various kinds of backup, ranging from "tar" + "scp" through to multi-level backup packages such as "duplicity", "amanda" or "BackupPC".

A couple of caveats:

  • Snapshots are best performed on an Instance when it is Shut Down.  Snapshots created from running systems may be inconsistent.
  • Instance Snapshots DO NOT include a NeCTAR Instance's ephemeral file system.  That is typically the "/mnt" tree.