UQ IT service offerings change over time, and new facilities / services will become available, so it is best to check directly with the relevant people.

Faculty Level IT support

Your Faculty-level IT services will offer backup services of some kind.  For example:

  • EAIT have implemented a 3-level heirarchical storage system.
  • Science IT offers secondary storage volumes, though my understanding is that they can't provide offline backups.

These services are typically "free" to qualified people.

ITS services

ITS provides some "enterprise quality" data storage, but the cost to you / your groups will be significant.

Research Computing Centre

RCC runs a Hierarchical File System (HFS) that can be accessed via an account Barrine. Last time I looked into this, HFS was free to users of Barrine.  However this is not an advertised RCC service, and there was mention of some form of cost recovery in the future.